4WD Supacentre are one of Australia’s premium brands of 4WD Accessories without the premium price tag! Offering aussies a massive range of incredible electronic accessories at incredibly reasonable and affordable prices!

The comprehensive range of accessories from 4WD Supacentre offer functional accessories for just about any setup, ranging from GPS navigationHeads up Display speedometer, Full HD Dash Camera, even a versatile OBD2 Scan Computer to run diagnostics on your vehicles computer plus a mountain more gear.

GPS systems have taken over as one of the most accurate ways to locate yourself on the face of the planet, taking advantage of satellite signals to triangulate your exact position, this idea used to be the stuff of sci-fi, but it really stems its origins from calculations from the days of ocean navigating with a sextant an accurate time piece and a compass. These calculations could take up to half an hour and accuracy is critical, considering an error of just a few seconds on the clock with your reading with all other factors being perfect, your reading could be over 1 nautical mile or nearly 2km out of accuracy.

Commercially available GPS has the capability of doing calculations with an accuracy of 1-2m in just a matter of seconds constantly updating your location to within a very accurate margin, this accuracy and speed of calculation is extremely useful and when coupled with mapping technology, like with the VMS Touring 700HDX you can intuitively display all your important details from, nearest petrol stations, alternative routes and even drop a breadcrumb trail through the uniform rows of state forest so you don’t get lost on your way home!

The Touring 700HDX also does turn by turn navigation on all of Australia’s roads, and has topo maps including 1000+ free campsites for the whole of Australia, and NZ,
The benefits of GPS are also found in the Adventure Kings HUD – GPS Heads up Display which uses your changes in GPS location to calculate your speed accurately and quickly, making sure you don’t cop a speeding fine accidentally, by projecting your speed onto your windscreen with an easy to read digital display. The GPS HUD Speed display, can also be set to not display on your windshield and to display the speed directly, fitted with auto darkening it won’t blind you when driving at night time, the GPS Speedo offers you directional info too showing your compass heading.  Because this device doesn’t connect to your vehicle it wont matter if you have different sized tyres fitted, all it requires is a 12v sig socket for power and that’s it.

Another perfectly affordable electrical accessory to add to your 4WD is a reliable full Hi Def Dash Camera, the Adventure Kings High-Def Dash Camera offers a 150° camera angle, which is wide enough to capture side streets and parked cars as you approach, ensuring in the worst case scenario you have a 1080P recording of the event. The Kings Dash Cam is fitted with a G sensor as well which offers instant data saving and an auto on function during a collision when you are not present, even if the vehicle is not on, this is because of the internal battery.

One of the most valuable 4WD upgrades you can make to your vehicle if you are planning on heading into remote areas is the EDS scan computer, this clever computer plugs into your vehicle’s computer via the OBD2 connection. This will (dependent on the vehicle) provide you with Scan tool functions, Digital Gauges,  Trip computer, and as a car black box recording all of the critical information  including but not limited to;
Fuel system status, Vehicle speed, Engine coolant temperature, Fuel rail pressure, Intake manifold absolute pressure, Engine speed, Calculated load value, Ignition Timing, Intake air temperature, Absolute throttle position, Battery voltage, Short term fuel trim, Oxygen sensor output voltage, Air flow rate, Commanded secondary air status

Additionally you have the ability to clear fault codes and enable your 4WD to hit the road out of limp mode, after diagnosing any issues in the case of sensor based faults, or erroneous fault codes disabling your vehicle. When considering the cost of remote area towing, this handy little guy will pay for itself the first time you plug it in!

To see even more of 4WD Supacentre’s incredible value electronic accessories head over to www.4WDSupacentre.com.au call our experts on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into one of our fully equipped showrooms to see the gear in person and walk away with a bargain!