There are a million and one ways to escape the crowds, and avoid wearing masks, and simply unplug for a few days. Our favourite option is finding a peaceful free campsite by the water and to soak up the rays, cast out a line, and recharge.

With all of the noise and negativity in the news, a simple weekend away can be just what the doctor ordered. And there are a huge range of affordable camping accessories available from 4WD Supacentre to get you off the grid for less than you imagined.

with everything from 4WD accessories and recovery gear to get you to the most secluded spots along with all-weather shelter, silent campsite power, to lighting and cooking and just about everything else you could imagine you need for camping.

4WD Supacentre have a range of shelter setups that suit, just about any campsite, starting with the free standing Adventure Kings Gazebo range which offers fully waterproof shelter that sets up in just seconds, with a 3m x 3m size and a 6m x 3m sized shelter offering a tough hammer finished steel frame and durable stretch proof fully waterproof and UPF50+ shade material.

Your shelter options don’t stop here, the Adventure Kings range offer a comprehensive size range of Awnings and wrap around 270° Awningsto bolt up to the side of nearly any 4WD or camper trailer offering waterproof shelter and a shady spot to sit and unwind no matter what the weather is doing.

The Standard style of awning offers heavy duty metal knuckles and a ripstop polyester canvas material along with easy to use twist lock fittings for a really straight forward less than 60 second setup, coupled with the full range of after market accessories to enhance your campsite setup, offering additional shelter with the awning walls which are easily installed on any side of the shelter for enhanced privacy and double the sheltered space at camp.

The wrap around style, Kings 270° King Wing offers the same versatility, whilst covering even more space at camp, the wrap around style gives you shelter around the side and rear of your vehicle offering protection from the elements when you are accessing the rear of the vehicle.

Adventure Kings also offers a massive range of silent campsite solar power setups, from simple and compact solar blanket setups which include everything you need to power your setup, such as an MPPT solar controller and leads. All the way to a fully fledged solar panel setup for no fuss, and no setup power for your dual battery setup at camp and everything else you might need to get your campsite prepped to power all your 12v appliances, and USB charged devices.

Without missing a beat, you can also hook up your campsite with bright and adjustable LED campsite lighting hassle free with simple cig socket adapters and waterproof connections you can even daisy chain a whole bunch of the LED lights from 4WD Supacentre together for one of the brightest campsites around!

Campsite cooking is a breeze with the range of gear from Kings, whether you are looking for something to cook dinner over the campfire, or whether you are required to cook with LPG Adventure Kings has you covered with their complete range of cooking gear.

Cooking roast dinner over the coals of your campfire, with the Bedourie Camp Oven, bacon and egfs with your cast iron skillet pan over your Adventure Kings Camp Oven, and even the best barbeques anywhere you unpack camp with the Gasmate Voyager Portable Barbeque.

There is something for everyone at 4WD Supacentre and you can get out camping for far less cash and more laughs, so don’t hesitate get your hands on an Adventure Kings campsite from 4WD Supacentre today, head to call our team on 1800 88 39 64 or drop into one our stores across the country to head away today with a bargain and all the gear you need for a free campsite!